Guide to Creating a Shipping Request

You have the option of shipping your mail to another address in a few simple steps. 

Need to ship out multiple items together? No problem! Consolidate multiple items into a single shipment and get cheaper shipping rates at the same time. 

Guide to Creating a Shipping Request

  1. Select the items that you want to ship from your inbox. You can select one item or multiple items at a time.
    • To select one at a time, move your cursor over the image of your envelope and press the Ship button.  The item will move to your "Shipping" folder.

    • You can also select multiple items to add and ship together by clicking on the checkbox above the image of each envelope.  Alternatively, you can click on the "Select all" checkbox to mark all loaded items in your Inbox view for shipping. The "Select all" button will populate after marking at least 1 item.
      • Note: If there are items waiting to be scanned, you will not be able to select "ALL" and click on the Ship button. This is because items that are pending to be scanned cannot be shipped until the scan has been completed.  You can move to view only Unopened or Scanned mail and then select all the loaded items for shipping.

  2. Once you've selected the items for shipping, you can review them in the "Items to Ship" list in the "Shipping" folder. The folder is on the left hand side of the user interface. 
    • If you are not ready to mail out your items, you can leave the items in the "Shipping" folder.

      Items in your shipping list will still expire per our storage policy if you don't ship them out. Make sure to create your shipment with their expiration date(s) in mind.  

  3. You can remove items from your "Items to Ship" list by clicking on the "X" next to each item. Items you remove will return to your Inbox.

  4. When you are ready to ship, click on "Let's Ship This". The user interface will take you through each step:
    • Sender 

    • Destination Address
      • If you need to add a new address, click on "Add New Address." Alternatively, you can add new destination addresses by clicking on Mailbox Settings > Shipping Addresses. 

    • Shipping Method
      • The default shipping methods are USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail. If you wish to use another method (USPS Express, UPS, FedEx), select one of the default methods and then follow the steps here.

For international shipments containing packages, there is an extra step to declare each item for Customs.

If you need to declare more than 5 types of items, send us the additional items you need to add in an email to [email protected].

  • The subject line of your email should include your Shipment Order number. This is given to you in the user interface after you submit the shipping request.
  • In the email, list out the quantity, the item's detailed description, and value. It is also recommended to list out the HS Tariff codes (HS Tariff codes are required for shipping to Europe). To obtain tariff codes:
  • Instructions to complete customs declarations and adding tariff codes can be found on this page.
  1. The final step is to click on "Ship Items" IF you have do not have special instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What happens to items that I previously clicked "Ship" on?

Items that you already clicked "Ship" on will stay in the "Items to Ship" list in your "Shipping" folder until you remove them from the list.

Q. If I add items to the "Shipping" folder, will it prevent them from expiring?

No, adding items to your "Shipping" folder WILL NOT prevent them from expiring.

Please submit your shipping request before the expiration date to ensure you obtain the physical copy. Alternatively, you can extend the storage for an additional fee if you need more time.

Q. Can I have my items shipped with alternative methods other than what's in my account?

You are welcome to update the shipping method by customizing your shipping request.

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