Custom Pricing Details

Mail Services:

Shipping Services:

In addition to our Standard Shipping Services, the following fees may apply:

  • Canceling Shipment Orders: $5 per canceled order plus $0.30/letter and $3.00/package handling fee.
  • Shipped Address Correction or Redelivery Fee: We bill a 10% mark up of total that couriers invoice us
  • Shipped Package Recall: Custom Service Rate + recall fees + 5% markup of recall fee
  • Upgrade Shipping Method: Handling fee of $4.00/package and/or $0.30/mail item and postage
    • USPS methods: 10-20% surcharge for postage
    • UPS and FedEx: Standard Postage Rates apply

Cancelled Account Services:

  • Request to ship mail after mailbox is closed: $15 service fee + all postage and mail handling fees outlined in Standard Shipping Services or Upgrade Shipping Method above.

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