Can you consolidate all my mail and packages into one box or envelope for shipment?

When you create a shipment containing multiple items, our default procedure is to remove all shipping boxes and consolidate them into one single larger box. This reduces shipping costs for you. If there is only one package in the shipment, we will ship your package in its original packaging without opening it UNLESS we notice that the packaging is damaged and will not survive another delivery. When shipping your packages, our priority is to ensure that your items arrive safely without damage. For this reason, we take extra care in adding proper padding when we consolidate your packaging.
When mailing packages internationally, any packing slips inside the boxes are automatically removed. You will then need to declare the proper items and their corresponding values when creating the shipment.

If you prefer that your packages be handled in a specific manner that deviates from our standard process, such as not wanting us to remove the original packaging during shipment consolidation, please file a  special handling request upon creating a shipment.

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