How long do you store mail and packages?

We guarantee storage of your mail and packages for free up to 60 days. 

This information can be found on our pricing page

What happens when my items are about to expire?

Two weeks before the expiration date, you will receive an automated email notification to notify you of expiring items in case you need to process them. 

If you need to store the item for longer than 60 days, you can extend the storage time, up to a maximum of 180 days (about 6 months), for an additional price. The storage extension must be requested before the item expires.

Special exceptions for perishable items

Regardless of the storage guarantee, if you receive a perishable package, the packages will only have 7 days of guaranteed storage.  This is because we do not have the appropriate refrigeration on site to store perishable items for extended periods of time.

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