How to cancel a shipment

If you accidentally selected the wrong mail or packages to ship or need to make changes to your address, you can cancel your shipping request.

Canceling a Shipping Request

  1. Click on your "Shipping" folder.
  2. Click on the "Pending Shipments" tab.

  3. You'll see a list of pending shipments on this page.  Move your mouse over the shipping request you wish to cancel and then click on "View Details." Then, click on "Cancel Shipment."

  1. Once you cancel the shipment, the items from your order will be returned to your "Items To Ship" list so you can recreate a new shipment. 

Shipments can only be cancelled within the first 15 minutes of being created. Afterwards, we will begin to process your request and you will not be able to cancel the request yourself from your account.

Please contact Customer Support for assistance as soon as possible.  Depending on how far along the order is, we may not be able to cancel your shipment order.

When you do contact us, please send us your: 

  • Mailbox number
  • Your pending shipment order number 
  • The reason for the cancellation

Additional labor and handling fees may apply depending on the current processing status of the shipment.

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