Scanning Packages

Packages are a bit special and defined as any mail item that comes in a particular size or packaging that we believe contains contents that cannot be scanned through normal document scanners. For this reason, you'll notice that packages cannot be submitted for scanning.

What do you consider to be packages?

As we do not open your mail and packages by default, we do not have a sure way to determine whether the contents inside can be scanned or not.  Therefore, we use a simple heuristic to determine what is a package:

  1. Any item that comes in a box, bubble envelope, or vinyl packaging.
  2. Any envelope (tyvek or otherwise) that weighs over 13 oz 
  3. Arbitrary factors through look and feel that may indicate that the contents are not documents.

Can you open packages to see what's inside?

Yes. Usually, you receive packages because you are expecting them so you already know what's inside.  In case you do not know, or when you want to know the condition of the contents, we can send you a photo manifest of the package contents.  

What's a photo manifest?

A photo manifest of the package content is a "birds-eye" view of what's inside the package.  We will lay the items out on the table and then take as many photos as required to show you what's inside.

Here's an example of what a photo manifest would look like:

If the package contains an electronic that is being protected by molded styrofoam padding, we will not remove it from the box unless we're specifically requested to do so. Sometimes removing electronics from the styrofoam padding causes the padding to break.

Do you charge extra for package scans?

As package scans require significant labor time to process, we do bill you for performing this service.  However, we realize that you may occasionally get items that you have no idea about (ie. gifts).  Therefore, we include 2 FREE package scans per billing cycle in all plans.   

For pricing details, please reference our Detailed Pricing Page

What if I want detailed information of the contents of my package?

If you require detailed images (close-ups of individual items) to be provided to you, please let us know at the time of your request. 

If there's very specific info you are looking for, such as a serial number on the back of a laptop or phone, make sure to indicate this so we can process it accordingly. 

Anything outside of the standard photo manifest is billed as a custom service request, and is not considered a standard package scan. 

What if the package content is a bundle of mail?

If the mail bundle is inducted as a package, you can request us to verify and induct the mail bundle as separate mail pieces.  We consider this to be a package scan and will bill it as such.  

To avoid getting billed in this manner, we highly recommend that you update your mailers that send mail bundles to use the Smart Address Tag Z. This way, your bundle of mail will not filter into your mailbox as a package to begin with, and will automatically be un-boxed for mail induction.  There will be no package scan fees and your will get your mail faster at the same time.

What if my package scan turns out to be a very thick packet of documents? Will I be billed a package scan fee?

Since we are not able to determine whether a package contains documents in advance, there may be cases where documents are inducted as packages.  In this instance, when we determine that the content is a document (a thick one at that), we will convert this into a mail item for you and scan it as a document.  The original package item will be trashed and a new mail item will be inducted into your mailbox.  

In this case, we do NOT bill you a package scan fee.

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