Is there a cost to purging mail and packages?

Pricing effective November 1, 2020.

Purging is the process of trashing the physical item when the item is archived or trashed by you, or when an item expires at our facility.

Mail purging is included in the mailbox service.
For package purging, an allowance of 5 free packages per billing cycle will be provided through our service.  See up to date rates here: Package Purge
Why is there a package purging fee?
Package purging requires us to physically spend the time and effort to properly dispose the package as well as the cost of trashing.  Our trash service is billed based on the size of the trash can being used as well as the frequency of the trash pickups.  Therefore, the more packages we trash, the more it costs for the trash service.  For this reason, we bill purging fees to cover the cost of disposing your packages.

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