Why do you bill labor and handling fees for shipments?

When you create a shipment order in the system, by default you have 15 minutes to cancel any shipment order directly from the user interface. 

After the initial 15 minutes, we will start to process the order, which means that the order cannot be reversed as it is in motion. As an order is being assembled, it does mean that there are people working on your shipment at our facility. When we begin processing your order, labor costs are incurred and will be billed even if the shipment gets canceled later.

Rates and fees are listed here: User Support Pricing Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you billing me labor and handling fees when I just wanted a quote to ship with UPS, FedEx, or Express methods?

In order for us to be able to provide you with an accurate quote, we must know the final box's weight and dimensions.  To do this, we need to retrieve the items you wish to ship, remove any external packaging (to reduce the weight and size), and package all the items into one single box.  We will then enter the destination address, the weight, and the dimensions of the final package to obtain the final quote.  The shipment's handling fees cover this specific labor regardless of the circumstance.

Should you not wish to proceed with the order, our Ops Team will then re-induct the shipment as a single item back into your account because all external packaging is removed at this point.  When you wish to ship this new package out in the future, you will not get billed the per package handling fees again.  Instead, you are only billed for a single package that essentially now covers the labor cost for inducting and retrieving that one new package for shipment.
For example, if you create a shipment containing 10 items to obtain quote and later cancel the shipment, we will bill you the handling fees to consolidate those 10 items together into one package.  That one single package will then be placed back into your mailbox.  If you create a new shipment to ship that one package, then you only get billed for the handling fee to retrieve that one package only as we didn't have to go through the consolidation process a second time.
Why are you canceling my shipment when I just want to add an extra item(s) into the order?

While it may seem like an easy thing to just add extra items to an existing shipment, it actually causes potential complications to the process.  Primarily, adding extra items may end up requiring us to repackage all your items into a bigger box OR make changes to the weight.  In summary, we will need to go through the work of having to open the box, repackage all the items if necessary, re-weigh the entire package, and possibly might even need to reprint the shipping label.  Essentially, we're doing double work here.  

Therefore, we actually do not allow shipments to be modified after it's created.  In order to make changes, the shipment would need to be canceled and then recreated.  If we have not assembled the shipment before we process your add request, then we don't charge labor and handling fees.

However, if the order has been assembled and worked on already, then labor and handling fees will be billed to you and you will need to wait for the item to be re-inducted into your account before you can create a shipment. This normally will cause your order to be delayed by 1 business day.  Again, you will not be billed the handling fees twice since we've already consolidated the shipment.

We recommend that if the item is something that can wait, then you can wait until the next shipment.  If it's not something you can wait, then realize that paying the labor and handling fees covers the original handling fees and you don't get billed for it again.

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