What if I do not want my package opened when shipping it?

Normally, when you create a shipment that contains multiple packages, we consolidate all of the items into one large box. If you prefer to ship your packages unopened, you have the option to:

  • Create a shipment with just one package; unless the original box is in bad shape, it will ship out with the original packaging.


  • Create a shipment and add special handling notes in your order online.

Keep in Mind:

  • We reserve the right to open all packages even if you request the packages to be left sealed. We may inspect the contents for items that are hazardous, illegal, or restricted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection or the destination country‚Äôs customs.
  • Shipping multiple packages without opening the boxes may increase the shipping cost. The reason is that the original package weight plus the new "overpack" box to contain all the packages will increase the total weight of the shipment, which affects the original cost quoted to you.

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