What is considered hazardous goods?

Shipping hazardous goods require special handling and precautions due to the dangers that they pose for shipping and can put people's lives at risk. When we receive an item that contain hazardous goods, we will check for restrictions on mailing it out on your behalf and let you know when additional charges may apply. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what is classified as a hazardous good. Many common household items can be considered hazardous so here are a few links for you to check if what you are looking to ship through us is hazardous:

If we receive a hazardous package addressed to you, we will first determine what options are available and then reach out via email. Please be aware that this process may delay your shipping process from our facilities.

Common Examples:

  • Electronics such as cellphones, laptops, watches that contain lithium ion/metal batteries.
  • Household cleaning items can sometimes contain flammable items
  • Perfumes and make up may contain aerosol and or flammables.
  • Medication requires special licensing to ship, which we do not have. While it may not be hazardous, we recommend that you ship these items directly from doctor/rx to user and not through a service like ours.

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