Life After VPM: A Successful Transition Guide

We're sad to see that you are looking at this article and thinking of life past VPM, but we understand that life changes and all good things may come to an end. We value the time we've had together and want to ensure your success in getting mail at your new location after parting ways.

This guide will help you to successfully transition out of our service (or any other virtual mailbox service) and back to receiving mail at your home.  Just follow our outlined steps:

1. Cancel any active Change of Address request with USPS

Please make sure to cancel any active Change of Address (CoA) requests if you submitted one.  This will stop USPS from forwarding any new mail from your old/original address to your VPM mailbox.

Please note that you cannot file a new Change of Address to forward mail from a CMRA address like ours to a new address.  Therefore, if you have any mail that is directly sent to your VPM mailbox, you will need to notify your mailers or manually update your mailing address with each mailer.

2. Ensure your mail is going to your new address before closing your VPM Mailbox

When your mailbox is closed, we will return any new incoming mail back to sender.  Therefore, it's important that you make sure you have updated your mailing address with your mailers as soon as possible.

As a reminder, these are the typical mail you should update your mailing address for:

  • Monthly mailings such as your utility bills, bank statements, and credit card bills.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • Quarterly or annual statements like your social security statement and other tax related documents.
  • Your DMV driver license if it uses your VPM address.
  • Annual property tax bills.
  • Insurance bills and statements (auto, home, business, life, etc.)
  • Club or Membership Subscriptions (gym, professional, etc.)

We recommend that you give yourself around 3 months to make sure that you've properly updated all the important mail to your new address.

3. Backup and save any PDF files of any scanned mail you need

Make sure to download any mail PDF files you wish to keep for records before your account is closed.  If you have a lot of mail to download, we can perform a one-time export of all your scanned mail PDF files that's in your online mailbox.  Please contact Customer Support to make this arrangement.

4. Ship out any mail you need physical access to

If you have any items that you need the physical mail for, please ship them to yourself before your mailbox closes.

5. Submit an account closure request

Once you have verified that you have moved all your important mail out of your VPM address, you can arrange to close your mailbox account.  Remember that your mailbox account will close at the end of the current billing cycle.


Thank you for using our service.  We sincerely hope that we have made your life, journey, or adventure easier during your time with us.  If you ever need our service again, please know that we may be able to reactivate your mailbox.  Contact us first before signing up for a new account and we can help you out.

It's been our pleasure to serve you throughout all this time.  Happy tidings!

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