Why can’t I file a Change of Address with USPS for my VPM account?

USPS has set regulations when it comes to forwarding your mail.
Change of Address forwarding is a convenience service offered specifically by USPS, not by us. The postal service limits the forwarding option to residential addresses and certain commercial addresses only. It does not offer forwarding from a mail-receiving agent. This is because USPS does not sort mail based on the mailbox number that we assign to you; we do so on our end to make sure that your mail lands in your account.
In the USPS address database, our Mailbox location is listed as the final destination address for your VPM mail. So any mail going to this address is simply delivered to us. We are then responsible for internally sorting mail based on mailbox numbers and inducting items into our customers' accounts. Therefore, the postal service cannot recognize and forward mail for a specific mailbox number from our location to another address.

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