3 Ways to Process Your Incoming Mail

When you receive your first piece of mail in your VPM mailbox, you will notice that the front side of the envelope is scanned for you to view online. You can see who the item is from, where it originated, and when it was received. You then decide whether you want to open and scan the mail, forward it, or trash it.

Is Your Mailbox Activated?

When you sign up for a mailbox, you can immediately begin receiving mail. However, you will not be able to process your mail until your mailbox is activated.

To activate your mailbox, you need to mail us a completed Form 1583 with proper IDs. Once we receive your form, we will send an email notification telling you that your mailbox is active.

1. Open and Scan Mail

Having your mail opened and scanned saves you time and money. At VirtualPostMail, requests are processed within a day, and scanned pages are available to you immediately. This option is the perfect solution if you are in a hurry to see your mail. It also costs up to 60% less than forwarding. As a bonus, you get a digital copy of your mail that you can archive forever.

2. Forward Mail

If your mail contains sensitive material or you need the original mail content, you can choose to forward your mail instead. Unless you requested to have your mail opened for scanning, your unopened mail is safely stored in a secure environment. Your shipment is processed and shipped via your chosen shipping method.

3. Trash Mail

With a traditional PO box or mail forwarding service, you normally need to forward in bulk all mail you receive. This means you pay extra to forward unwanted pieces such as catalogs and junk mail.

There are two options when trashing your mail:

  • Archive -  This trashes the physical mail piece but lets you keep the images of the mail. This option is available for both unopened AND scanned mail. 
    • You can view the Archived folder for all archived items - you can unarchive items from your box if you've placed them here on accident for up to 1 week.  
  • Trash -  This trashes the physical mail piece AND deletes the online image. You will no longer have any access to the mail piece.
    • Once you trash an item, you can review what's been trashed for up to 30 days, then it gets cleared out. 

VirtualPostMail shreds all your mail to protect your important information. Mail shredding is FREE for all mailboxes, unlike with other companies that may charge you extra monthly fees to provide similar service.

When Should I Use Each Option?

  • If you are in a hurry to read your mail, have it opened and scanned.
  • If you want a digital copy of important documents inside the mail, have it opened and scanned.
  • If it is sensitive material, forward it.
  • If you need to see it fast, want a digital copy, and need the originals, then have it opened and scanned and THEN forward it.
  • If it is junk mail, trash it.

Want To Know More About Our Platform?

We will be walking you through our platform so you can see what you can do once you have signed up for a mailbox account with us!
You will be able to easily see all your mail information such as who the item is from, where it originated, and when it was received. Then you decide on the action you want to take. 

We will show you how you can open and scan mail, forward mail, shred mail and recycle mail via archive and trash mail, and learn about other features such as check depositing and more as well. 

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