Can I unarchive mail?

In the UI, one of the only times you can 'undo' an archive command is while you are archiving a particular mail piece. A pop up notification will appear once you select the archive option; where you have a chance to select Undo.

Once the notification disappears from the screen, the only way to unarchive the mail is to go to your Archived mail section in the left hand navigation bar, where you have exactly 24 hrs to undo your selection from this page. As you view the item you are looking to unarchive - click on the 3 dot menu to expand the option to "Unarchive" and "Trash". 

If it's been over 24 hrs send customer support an email request to have your mail unarchived.  Please include the 12-digit item number in your support request so we can handle this issue for you. They can check to see if the item has already been shredded or not for you at this point. 

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