Can I add or remove items from shipments after it's been created?

It is currently not possible to add or remove items from shipments once you have created the shipment order.  Adding or removing items will potentially change the weight and dimensions and alter the shipping fees.  

Therefore, we highly recommend that you create your order after you have received all of your items and are ready to ship them out. 

In the event that you have created a shipment order and need to add/remove items to the shipment, you can still do so if we have not yet started processing the shipment.  To do this:

  1. First, cancel the shipment order directly from your account.  If it's cancellable, all the items in the shipment will be placed back in your Items to Ship List. 
  2. You can then add or remove items in the list. 
  3. Once you're ready, you can then create a shipment order again. 

If you are not able to cancel the order through your account, you can reach out to us.  We will gladly check if we can still cancel your shipment.  Note that canceling a shipment order that's in processing may incur labor and handling fees depending how far along it is.

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