How to Use Smart Address Tags

What are Smart Address Tags?

Smart Address Tags gives you a set of standard letter-based tags that you add to the end of your mailbox number, ie. “#1000N”, to pre-route your mail. Each tag indicates a particular action that you want us to take – such as open and scan, etc. Incoming new mail containing one of these tags is immediately processed according to the tag’s instruction.

Why Use Smart Address Tags?

  • Faster Processing Time – Normally, if you want to perform any action on your mail, you need to wait until your mail piece becomes available in your mailbox. This can delay the time for you to get important mail for up to 24 hours. With Smart Address Tags, your mail is immediately processed as if you had already issued us those requests. Most tagged mail get processed the same day they're received.

  • Less Work – As tags are basic instructions on how your mail is processed, you don’t need to constantly issue requests for the same type of mail every time. Simply update your mailing address with senders and sit back and enjoy seeing your mail processed without lifting a finger.

How to Use Smart Address Tags

  1. Find out which type of mail you receive on a periodic basis and always gets processed the same way. Examples are your monthly bills and statements.
  2. Update your mailing address with those senders. For example, say you want your monthly bank statement always opened and scanned. If your mailbox number is 5555, then you would update your mailing address with your bank to use the mailbox number “#5555N”.
  3. Sit back and let Smart Address Tags do the work for you!

Available Smart Address Tags

  • N (Open and Scan) – Any mail with this tag is automatically opened and scanned. The mail and content are usually available the same day the mail’s received. This is great for bills and statements that you know you’re going to get on a monthly basis.
  • X (Never Open and Scan) – Never scan the mail contents, regardless if you have "Auto-Scan All Mail" setting enabled or not.  This tag specifically overrides all other settings to ensure that mail is never opened and scanned unless you manually submit it.  The purpose of this is to allow you to set and have all mail be auto-scanned but have the option to disable it for specific incoming mail pieces that may be sensitive.
  • Z (Open Mail Bundle and Induct Mail Inside Individually) – If you know you’re receiving a bundle of mail, then use this tag to tell us to open and scan the mail envelopes inside as separate mail pieces. The original outer packaging is discarded. This feature is specifically used when you are looking to forward a bundle of mail to your mailbox for processing. If the mail is opened and no envelopes are contained within the mail, then this mail will be treated and processed as a normal mail piece.  The contents of the mail in the bundle are NOT scanned.  If you wish to do so, use the smart tag combination "ZN".

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