What happens when I trash mail?

A mobile shredding service comes periodically to shred all personal mail. However, if the mail piece is considered public material, such as a magazine, catalog, newspaper, periodical, or mail that is addressed to "Current Resident/Occupant," we will recycle it instead, meaning that we will just trash it without shredding. 

When you trash or archive mail directly in your online mailbox, you will have 24 hours to undo this action by going to the respective folder and either unarchiving or restoring the mail.  We process these shredding requests on a periodic basis.  If you accidentally archive or trash mail in your mailbox account and it's already past 24 hours, you can contact support to see if the item has been shredded already.  If it's not yet shredded, we can unarchive or restore it for you.

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