How Promotions Work

VirtualPostMail offered  promotion addons for accounts pre-2016.  New pricing plans no longer include use those as we've combined the best aspects of promotion add-on benefits and built them into the plans.

This how-to article is applicable only to older plans that still make use of promotional addons.

Promotion Benefits Are Permanent

At VirtualPostMail, promotions work more like add-ons. When linked to your account, the promotion enhances your mailbox capabilities and sticks permanently to your mailbox (as long as your account was established before December 2016). For example, if the promotion offers you 5x free mail, then you get five times the free mail that is offered to you in your pricing plan. Other promotions may give you discounts on your monthly fees or shipping prices.

If you choose to switch to a different plan, you'll be shifted onto our  new pricing structure that will no longer include promotions. 

Existing Users with Promotions can Change Promotions at Anytime

You can change the promotion linked to your mailbox at any time. So when a newer or better promotion comes out, you can switch to a new promotion that works better for you.

Your selected promotion becomes effective immediately after your account renews. So for example, say your current promotion gives you 10 free scans and you know you'll need more scans the following month when you start your travels, you can change your promotions with us before you leave, and you're all set before you get on the plane. 


Conditions apply to how promotions are used.

  • A mailbox can have only one promotion linked and active at one time.
  • You can change your promotion once every billing cycle.
  • When you switch to a new promotion, it overrides the old promotion.
  • Promotions do not apply retroactively. If you change to a promotion that gives you more free scans but you have already paid for some scan overages, you will not get those fees back.
  • If your switch to a new promotion and your old promotion is no longer offered, you will not be able to change back to your old promotion.
  • When you change your pricing plan, you will lose the current promotion tied to your mailbox. After your plan is changed, you can link another promotion to your mailbox.

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