How am I billed?

Every mailbox is tied to a billing account. The credit balance in the account is used to pay for your monthly subscription and other usage fees.  The subscription fee is the monthly fee for the plan you signed up for. Usage fees are additional costs you incur for all other services, such as:

  • Extra mail receiving and mail scanning fees that go above the quota included in your plan.
  • Additional recipients that you have added and are not covered by your plan.
  • All shipping charges.
  • Any other extra personalized services that you ask us to perform for you, such as extra delivery services or check deposit services.

Your subscription renews every 30 days.  The first day is usually the day you signed up for the service.  Your free mail and free scans are based on the 30-day billing cycle and is reset at the beginning of your subscription renewal.

In your online account, there is a place where you view your entire billing activity.  This billing activity is shown on a monthly basis, ie. the entire month of January.  This allows you to reconcile your credits and deductions on a monthly basis for easier reconciliation on your books.  Note that the monthly billing activity is different from the billing cycle.

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