My package is gone! Can you help me find it?

While the digital version of a package can be stored in your online mailbox forever, the physical package has a finite storage time.  This means that you have a specific timeframe to forward your package to yourself.

Our standard storage guarantee is 60 days for all packages.  When your package is about to expire, you will get a reminder email to let you know to take action soon before the package is purged.  You can also see this when you login to your online account and go to Inbox -> Expiring Soon subfolder.  

Here in the Expiring Soon folder, you will have the opportunity to forward your package or extend the storage length if available.  Package storage can be extended up to a maximum of 180 days.  If you need additional time to process the mail or package that are in this folder, it's extremely important to extend mail storage once items land in this folder. 

Once mail expires, the package will automatically be moved to your Archived folder.   The physical package will then be scheduled for purging.  

If your package expired within the past 1-2 days, Customer Support may be able to help you recover it by issuing a retrieval request to our Ops team.  We will attempt to look for the package to see if it's still available in our facility. 

If it is, we will be able to place the item back into your account. If the package has yet to hit the 180-days expiration point, we will bill you the standard extension rates so you can enjoy 30-days of extension. If the item has hit the maximum 180-day point, and you need additional storage time, you must specify this when you contact support with the timeframe in mind. Regular extension fees will apply for longer periods of time. 

Please keep in mind that if this is in regards to a package at one of our facilities, purge package fees will remain in place, even in the event that the package is restored into your account to cover labor costs towards this added retrieval processing time.

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