What is a recipient?

Recipients are those names you receive mail under. These are used to induct your mail to the correct mailbox. Recipients are especially helpful in the event that your senders use the wrong mailbox number or no mailbox number at all.
Generally, if a mail piece bears the mailbox number but the recipient name does not exist in our database, we will let the item through to that particular mailbox account.
However, when mail comes in without a mailbox number and we are unable to find a partial unique match of the name in our system, we return the mail to the sender. Because of this, we do recommend that you add each name as a recipient to prevent mail from being returned inadvertently. If you happen to have a fairly unique last name, then you may not need to register every single member of your family.
When it comes to business recipients, we recommend you always register them to your mailbox so that nothing important is ever missed.

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