Everything You Need to Know About Recipients!

Recipients are the names you receive mail under. The recipients list in your mailbox is important for both you and VirtualPostMail.   When we receive a mail piece without a mailbox number, we are only able to identify who the mail belongs to by looking for the recipients under each individual mailbox. Hence, when recipients are not listed under a mailbox account, it can lead to mail being returned to the sender.

When to List a Name as a Recipient

It is in your best interest to list each person receiving mail under your account. In cases where you have a fairly unique name, you may choose not to list every family member.  In most cases, our processing team will be able to determine where the mail piece belongs to.

For business recipients, we recommend that you always register them under your mailbox. This is purely to avoid mail loss and confusion.

How We Utilize the Recipients List

Internally, we use recipient names as unique identifiers to properly induct mail addressed to you, your employee, or your family member into your account. This means that if your mail comes in without a mailbox number, we have names that we can go by to induct mail into the correct mailbox.

It becomes increasingly difficult to induct mail when the mailbox number missing from the mail piece,  and the mail is addressed to an unlisted recipient.  We do try our best to accommodate account holders,  recipients on file have priority, and their mail will get inducted more quickly.

Adding and removing recipients

Adding recipients is easy!

  1. Simply log into your VirtualPostMail account.
  2. Go to Mailbox Settings.
  3. Then, click on Recipients. From this page, you will be able to add more names under your account.

Keep in mind that, depending on your plan, this result in an additional monthly cost.  Refer to the pricing chart for more information.

To remove recipients, click on the Remove button and submit a request with the recipient name(s) you wish to remove.  Recipient deletions requires approval on our end before they can be processed. Fees may apply.

Nicknames, Abbreviated Names, and Name Variations

Shortened names such as Cat for Catherine, do not have to be listed under your account.  We recommend that you list your full name in this order:

  • first, middle, maiden, and last name

This way we can recognize your name and interpret it in multiple variations on our end when we sort your mail. You can save a little bit off your monthly bill as well!

Pseudonyms, Alias, Stage Names

You are welcome to add a name you publicly use as a secondary recipient on the mailbox account. However, we will need to verify your real identity.

Worried about potential phishing attempts to acquire your information? Rest assured, our privacy policy protects all users' data to ensure that it remains confidential.

Form 1583 and Recipients

Form 1583 is an authorization form to receive and open your mail. As a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA), we are required to have this form on file in order to process your mail. We generally ask the primary account holder to fill this form out to get the service started, and the secondary users are free to come and go.  However, we always reserve the right to request additional Form 1583 from you when necessary.

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