Will you help me get my package through customs?

We are a mailbox service, and we will ship mail and packages out per your instructions through the user interface. Nevertheless, we are not a customs broker, so we do not know what can or cannot be shipped internationally via USPS or other couriers. It is your responsibility to provide us with any additional shipping documents to ensure that your packages can pass through customs.
To learn what you can or cannot ship to an international destination, you can do an Internet search for "USPS Postal Explorer [name of destination country]". The Postal Explorer site will provide you with a list of content prohibitions and restrictions, as well as size, weight, and other limits for packages going to that specific country. When you ship packages internationally, you are required to declare the items being shipped. It is your responsibility to ensure that what you ship is acceptable for the destination country to receive.
Because we are a mail forwarding agent, our primary role is to act as a proxy or agent on your behalf for the physical processing of your shipments. When you want to ship something, we package the items, create the shipping label, and drop off the package as a convenience to you. However, you retain responsibility for the legal aspects of your shipments. 

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