If I do not use my mailbox, can I get a refund?

The monthly subscription fee covers your right to exclusive use of the mailbox number as well as the services offered. When you sign up with VPM, a mailbox number is reserved for your use only. Some customers specifically sign up to obtain a mailbox address and have no intentions of receiving mail.
Additionally, upon your sign-up, we begin receiving and scanning incoming mail, whether you submit Form 1583 to us or not. Some customers wait to receive their first piece of mail before they send us the Form 1583, even if the service is actually available and ready for use.
The subscription to our service is similar to a mobile phone plan. You pay a monthly fee to reserve the right to use the phone number to make and receive calls; it does not matter if you actually use the phone.
For these reasons, and because we are unable to control how you use your mailbox, we do charge from the date of sign-up. Therefore, we are not able to refund credits

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