Can I put my account on hold?

If you need our services only a few times a year, we recommend that you close your account while you do not need it. This lets us return mail to the sender while there is inactivity. Because it is our policy to shred mail after 60 days, closing your account prevents lost mail during the time you are not subscribed to our services.
Please be mindful that we do release mailbox numbers after a certain period of time, and yours may be taken when you are ready to reactivate your account.  If your mailbox number is taken, then you will need to sign up for a new mailbox account.
To hold your mailbox number after closure, please indicate to us in your cancellation email request that (1) you want to close your account temporarily and (2) how long you would like to keep your mailbox number for future use.   We will hold your mailbox number for up to a maximum of 6 months.
You do not need to submit another Form 1583 when you reactivate your mailbox account.

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