How do I ship items to myself if I have USPS forwarding enabled?

When you file a Change of Address with USPS, any mail sent to your "old" address will be forwarded to your VPM mailbox. This includes VPM shipments that are going out to your address. This will cause your mail to loop back to your VPM mailbox again. There are two ways to break this loop:

  • If you wish to forward mail from our facility to your physical address while you have USPS mail forwarding in place, we recommend upgrading your shipments to a different courier such as FedEx or UPS. To do so, please follow the instructions listed in our guide: How to Customize Your Shipment Orders Online. Since these private couriers are not associated with USPS, your mail should arrive at your home or business.
  • Cancel your USPS Change of Address forwarding service and manually update your mailing address with individual mail senders. By doing this, mail will not be forwarded. You will then also have ultimate control over which mail gets forwarded to your VPM mailbox. The downside is that you will need to do the work of updating your mailing address with all the mailers.

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