Can I keep junk mail from counting toward my free mail quota?

Any mail that shows up in your online mailbox counts toward your quota. But we take extra precautions to filter out junk mail.
When you start using your VPM mailbox, you will generally see an 80% to 85% reduction in junk mail received. One reason is that junk mail such as sales circulars, coupons, catalogs, etc., is only sent to residential addresses. As we are a commercial address, we do not receive those items.
Additionally, we automatically trash obvious junk mail for you. This includes mail addressed to “Current Resident/Occupant."

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for us to judge certain types of mail as junk, such as a debit card offer from your bank. Since we do not know if it is legitimate personal mail or just an advertising offer, we prefer to be safe and induct such mail. 

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