Can I use VPM's CA mailbox address to form a CA company?

Yes, you can use our CA mailbox address to form a CA LLC or Corporation. It meets the state's requirements since it's not a PO Box address. This has been proven by many of our clients, as well as some of our employees. 

Using a third-party service like or to register your business? Beware!

Recently, we have received multiple reports from customers saying mailbox addresses like ours aren't acceptable by some company formation services like and  Perhaps what they say is true of other mailbox services, but not for VPM's mailbox address.  This is because VPM is a commercial Registered Agent with the California Secretary of State and the address registered with the state for receiving process of service is the same address used for your mailbox.  It's a physical business address that can be used as the business address when you form your LLC or Corporation.

To provide proof, here's a recent screenshot of a company that was just recently formed (see the filing date).  If you look down at the "Principal Address", you will see that it matches with our Registered Agent address.  The company was successfully formed without any complaint from the CA Secretary of State.

This leads us to believe that these company formation services are rejecting our address with other intentions and for their own benefits.  Therefore, we recommend that you look at the following options when your mailbox address is rejected by them:

  • Use only the location address without your mailbox number plus use us as your registered agent.  
  • Send them a copy of the screenshot above to show them that the address works.  They may still give you a hard time.  A representative of told one of our customers that they "don't care what VPM says.  We only care about what CA says."  Well, what CA says doesn't seem to matter either based on the screenshot above.  
  • Use another company formation service with high integrity and has your best interest in mind.
  • Recommended: Regardless of whether you use their formation service to form your company, we highly recommend that you designate us as your CA registered agent.  The reason?  Our CA registered agent service comes free forever with any mailbox plan. will give you the first year for free and charge you $120 / year thereafter. charges $99 / year.  

If you have any questions or doubts, reach out to us.  We're here to help you get your company formed regardless if you use our service or not.

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