How is my request processed?

Once a request is submitted, it will go through a series of flow to get processed.

  1. Your task is assigned to a task manager who will be the primary point of contact for anything related to this task.  The task manager's responsibility is to see the tasks through to completion.
  2. The task manager reviews the task.  If additional information or clarification is needed, the task manager will reach out to you to obtain this.
  3. Once all the information is gathered, the task manager will find an TruAssistant with the proper experience and skill sets and is available to complete your work within the set timeline you specify.  
  4. The task is then assign to the TruAssistant and work begins.
    • Should any issue surface while working on your project, you can expect to receive a report of any missing information or required information/hurdles.
    • We will notify you of reaching milestones / goals as the project is seen to completion for more complex projects and tasks.
  5. Once a task is completed, the task manager will review the work to ensure quality results.
  6. The task manager will then send you the final completed results along with the time spent on the task and other information.

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