How to submit a request to TruAssist

Submitting a request to us is easy.  The simplest way is to send your request in an email to [email protected].  In the email, we recommend including the following info:

  • Define the work that you want us to do in as much detail as possible.  The more details we have, the less back-and-forth is needed to clarify the outcome that you want us to achieve and the better we can complete the work to your satisfaction.
  • Provide a deadline or due date.  In general, plan and expect your tasks to be completed within one business day unless they are long running tasks. This includes time required to assign someone to work on it as well as any back-and-forth communication required to clarify the task outcome.  If a task needs to be done urgently (ie. within hours), it's best to provide very detailed instructions.  Otherwise, task may not be completed on time or work quality may suffer due to lack of proper instructions.
  • Provide an approximate amount of time to spend on the task.  Specify how much time should be spent on the task can help to ensure that you are not getting overbilled.  If it may take over this amount of time, we will reach out to you to give you some progress updates and confirm with you if you wish for us to continue or not.

After your request is received, you can expect to receive an auto-response confirmation and / or a follow up email with any questions for details we may be missing to complete your request. 

Tips on Delegating Tasks

Submitting a request to us is no different than delegating a task to someone else.  To delegate tasks successfully and to have the work completed the way you want, it's important to follow some basic rules:

  • Delegate what you can actually delegate.  Not every task can be delegated, so it's important to know which tasks should be performed by you and which ones can be done by others.  As a general rule of thumb, if you're able to create step-by-step instructions on how to perform the work, then it's a task you can delegate.
  • Define the desired outcome.  Simply dumping work onto someone else’s plate isn’t delegating. The tasks you hand off should come with proper context with specific outcomes that you're looking for.  Create clear expectations and proper alignment on "what does good look like", a deadline, and any metrics to measure success of the work.
  • Provide the right resources and authority.  If you need us to update your calendar, then we'll need access to your calendar.
  • Establish a clear communication channel.  You’ve got to have some way to communicate status and see how things are going.  Delegation is not fire and forget.  TruAssist will handle a large portion of this work, but it's important to set some status report updates.  You certainly don't want 2 hours to be spent on a task only to find out that the work being done is entirely off track and not what you expect.  Sometimes, adding something like "report back after 30 minutes to see where we're at before proceeding further" will work wonders towards saving everyone time and money.

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