How quickly do you process mail and requests?

Incoming mail is processed and available within 1 business day or the  same day of receipt. This means if mail comes in on Monday, you get it Monday or Tuesday. If mail arrives in the morning, it's usually available by the end of the day.  If mail arrives late in the afternoon, then it's usually available the following business day. 
For mail-page scanning requests, our current processing time is normally less than six business hours. If you submit your request before 3pm location local time, it is usually processed that same day. Anything submitted after 3pm will be processed the following business morning. With Special Handling requests for using specialty couriers such as UPS and FedEx, your shipment order must be placed with your upgrade requests before 2pm in order for us to mail it out same day.  This is because we have set scheduled pickup times with couriers. 
Mail and package forwarding requests are usually processed within six business hours. If forwarding requests are received before 3pm, items are mailed out the same day. Otherwise, mail will be shipped out the following business day.

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