Can you re-mail my items once I close my box?

Once a mailbox account is terminated, we will no longer maintain a mailbox account for our clients so we cannot separate items into an account to collect for re-mailing them. 

As noted in the  Domestic Mailing Manual 1.8.3(b) (excerpt below):

The CMRA must remail mail intended for the addressee (customer) for at least 6 months after the termination date of the agency relationship between the CMRA and addressee. Mail that is remailed by the CMRA requires new postage.  This remailing obligation need not be fulfilled if the CMRA customer provides written instructions to the CMRA that the mail (or specific types of mail) not be remailed upon termination of the relationship. This instruction may be provided in an internal service agreement between the customer and CMRA or by a separate document.

Our Terms of Service has a clause where we will no longer re-mail your items upon termination of your account. 

So it is best that you update your mailers of your preferred mailing address as you get ready to close your mailbox account online with us. Normally we recommend that you do this for a minimum of 1 month prior to closing out your account so you have ample time to catch all of your mailers and update them. 

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