Can you check the status of a shipment?

A shipment is trackable only if and when tracking is included in the shipping method. First-Class Mail and Priority Mail International flat-rate envelopes and boxes do not come with tracking options. Here is a general guide:

  • Domestic: If you opt for Priority Mail or use an upgraded shipping method such as UPS or FedEx we can track your package.
    • First-Class Mail does not have tracking. Once we ship your mail, we will not be able to track the shipment. Normally, First-Class Mail arrives in three to five business days. However, it can sometimes get misrouted to the wrong post office. When this happens, mail delivery can be delayed by an additional one to two weeks. Alternatively, the mail may be returned to us.  
  • International:  Priority Mail packages are trackable, and all upgraded shipping methods include tracking. If your tracking number is formatted as "CJxxxxxxUS" (Priority Mail International) or "ECxxxxxxUS" (Priority Mail Express International), we can track these. A tracking number in the format of "LNxxxxxxUS" or "UAxxxxxUS" is actually a customs label number and not a true tracking number, so you may see tracking status showing up occasionally when the shipment is still in the USA. Once it leaves U.S. borders, you will no longer see tracking status.

If it has been more than a few weeks and you still have not received a package and/or the tracking status is stalled, contact us. We will inquire on your behalf with USPS.

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