Walnut Address Moving to Covina, CA

On March 31, 2023, your Walnut address will no longer be available to receive mail. Instead, the Walnut address will be moved to a new one in Covina.

After 12+ years at the Walnut location, we are moving out. This location is dear to us because it's where we launched VPM in 2009. However, circumstances have forced us to move out of this office.

We understand the pain of having to move your address because we are also going through the address change ourselves. To make the transition easier, we took steps to make sure that you have enough time to update your address to the new one without losing any important mail.

Here's everything you need to know for a smooth transition from your old Walnut address to your new Covina address.

What is my new mailbox address?

Your new address will be shown in your online account. After logging in, head to My Account to see your new address.

When can I start using the new address?

You can begin using the new address immediately.

Do I have to change my mailbox number?

No, your mailbox number will stay the same. Only the location address itself will change.

Why are you changing your address?

When we launched VPM in 2009, we rented this Walnut office.

Last year, the property owner decided to sell their entire holding of properties in Walnut to a private investment fund. When our lease came up for renewal this past April, our rent nearly doubled. With inflation at an all-time high, we are fully expecting the rent to continue rising at a substantial rate.  The rent increase itself was a trigger but not the primary factor for the decision to move.  The landlord also rejected our attempt to secure a multi-year lease term along with some other terms.  This made us question the future sustainability of this address.

In thinking about our options and what's best for us and for you in the long term, we decided to buy our own location. Having our own building means that we are showing a commitment to staying at this address for the long term and that the address will be a more stable address than the one that's linked to a leased office.

Are other locations (FL, DE, NV, etc) going to be affected?

No, this specific move is only for those who have mailbox addresses linked to our Walnut, CA office.

Will other locations go through similar moves in the future?

No.  After we move to Covina, we now own all the buildings that our offices reside in.  Unless we encounter natural disasters or other events outside of our control, we plan to stay in these locations for the long term.

How much time do I have to transition?

You will have until  March 31, 2023, when our lease ends, to update your mailing address to the new address. This gives you about 6 months of time to transition your mail.

What's going to happen to my mail?

We have made special arrangements to ensure that your mail received at both addresses are properly processed without any disruption.

Mail received BEFORE March 31, 2023

Between now and March 31, 2023, you can continue to use BOTH addresses to receive mail without disruption. We will have staff at both offices to receive and process your mail until our lease ends. Mail received at your current Walnut mailbox address and the new Covina address will work fine during this transition period.

Mail received AFTER March 31, 2023

Since the lease ends and we will no longer be occupying the space, we will not be able to receive your mail and packages anymore. Any mail received after March 31, 2023 will likely be returned back to the sender as undeliverable by the post office.

What do I need to do to begin migrating my mail and packages?

You will need to manually update your mailing address with all vendors and clients. We highly recommend that you do this as soon as possible.

To get started, we recommend making a quick list of all the places where you need to update your address. Here's a short list of items to get you started:

  • Website (contact information, privacy policy)
  • Domain name contact, hosting providers, cloud services
  • Banks, merchant accounts, etc.
  • Online social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Subscriptions (magazines, memberships)
  • Principal and mailing address listed on the LLC/Corporation's Statement of Information filing.
  • W2 (update your address via your W-4)
  • Federal and state taxes (update this on your next tax filing)
  • Payroll taxes with the state
  • Social security benefits
  • Voting registration
  • Vehicle registration and driver license
  • Insurance policies
  • Your customers

Next, go down the list and update the mailing address for each one. Cross them off as you go.

Then, monitor your incoming mail and see which mail still goes to your Walnut address. Usually, it takes about 1-2 months before you see the next monthly statement sent to your new address. If you notice any mail still going to your Walnut address, update it.

Meanwhile, you should start using your new Covina address with any new vendor or customer.

What about important tax documents that comes in at the beginning of the year?

Companies are required to send you W-2s and 1099s before the end of January.  K-1s need to be sent before March 15th.  We will still be able to receive mail at the Walnut address until the end of March, so that will cover the period when you receive tax documents.

Having said that, we recommend that you update your addresses before the end of the year so that your tax documents are sent to your new address.

Can I move to another location in another state instead of the new Covina address?  

Yes, you can sign up at another location.  If you do this, remember that your old and new accounts are separate.  You will still need to update your mailing address to your new mailbox address that you signed up for.  

NOTE: Your old Walnut/Covina account will stay active until you submit an account closure request to us.  

Additional Note: Any promotions we offer to help you transition to another address also expires on March 31, 2023. If you opened a new mailbox account between Oct 1, 2022 and Mar 31, 2023 for the transition, we will still honor the offer. Any mailbox accounts opened after March 31, 2023 will not be eligible for this promotional offer.

Can I file a Change of Address with USPS to forward my mail?

Unfortunately, no. USPS does not allow you to file a Change of Address to forward mail out of a mailbox address like ours. You will need to manually update your address with all mail senders.

What to expect with your registered agent services

If you own a business and you designated VPM as your LLC or Corporation's registered agent in California,  you do NOT need to take any action. We've done the work in updating the registered agent information for you.

We have already submitted the updated address to the California Secretary of State, and the new address will show up for all businesses. That means you don't have to do anything for this part.

NOTE: If you are using your mailbox address as your mailing and/or principal business address on your Statement of Information, you DO need to file an updated Statement of Information to change that info.  We are unable to do this part for you.

NOTE: We have noticed that some of you designated YOURSELF or someone else as the registered agent and used your mailbox address for this. Your registered agent info will NOT be updated in this case and you will need to submit a Statement of Information to make this update.

WARNING: Using yourself and your mailbox address for the registered agent information is not legally compliant with the State of California. We recommend that you designate us as your registered agent to avoid any legal complications.

With this move, you will never have to change your address again unless you decide to. It's our commitment to make sure that we stay here for the long term to serve your needs.

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