What is TruAssist?

TruAssist is a service that provides a remote back office team to handle your operational tasks for your business so that you can use your valuable time to focus on growing your business.

With TruAssist, you submit a work request and it'll get assigned to the right people with the right skill set and time availability.  Your work gets completed in the shortest time without sacrificing quality standards.

TruAssist can help you with one-off on-demand tasks, but excels in taking over your repetitive operational work that happens on a daily or periodic basis. These tasks include the following:

  • Scheduling - managing calendars, schedule appointments, perform follow ups, handle correspondences.
  • Travel Arrangements - booking flights, hotels, and cars. Manage travel updates.
  • Purchasing - buying supplies and coordinating shipping of supplies to offices or remote employees.
  • Bookkeeping - basic accounting data entry tasks, entering bills, issue invoices

All "TruAssistants" are on our payroll and never outsourced.  We handle all the administrative work that goes with hiring people -- searching, screening, training, payroll, benefits, and more.  

TruAssist is backed by the same operational, security, and training process that we have been doing for 10+ years with our virtual mailbox service.  This allows you to leverage our operational excellence to deliver high quality and reliable work without the upfront investment and learning. 

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