Introducing Extended Mail Storage, Expiring Mail, and Package Purging

We are excited to release a new feature you’ve been waiting for -- extended mail storage! Even though we are the only mailbox provider to give you the longest free guaranteed mail and package storage of 60 days, many of you have asked for the ability to further extend the storage for certain important mail. With this new feature, you can now extend mail storage up to a maximum of 180 days for an additional fee.  

Along with this feature, we are also making some important changes to how mail expires and new fees for purging packages. 

How does storage extension work?

When mail is about to expire in 14 days, you will receive an email notification. Expiring mail will appear in a new "Expiring Soon" folder in your online mailbox. You will be able to extend storage.If you decide not to extend storage past the free 60 day storage period, the mail will expire. Expired mail will be moved to your “Archived” folder automatically to indicate that the physical mail is no longer available.

How much does storage extension cost? Storage extension fees are as follows:

Mail storage extension fees are as follows:

  1. Letters and magazines = $1.50 / mail / 30 days
  2. Packages = $20 / package / 30 days

What happens to my expired mail and packages?

When mail expires, the physical mail piece will no longer be available. You will no longer be able to scan the mail contents or forward the mail. Expired mail and packages are physically trashed. Mail is shredded on-site using a mobile shredding service (picture a large document shredder the size of a trash truck). Packages are trashed in the trash bin.  

Is there any cost to purging expired mail and packages?

Purging is the process of trashing the physical item when the item expires or is trashed by you.

For mail purging, there is no extra cost.

For package purging, an allowance of 5 free packages per billing cycle will be given. Packages over the free allowance will be billed at $3 / package to cover the processing and disposal costs.  

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