Do I need a city business license for my mailbox address?

Many have wondered whether using our mailbox address as their principal business address will require them to obtain a business license where the mailbox address is located in.  For example, if you get a Henderson mailbox with us, are you required to get a business license in the city of Henderson?

The answer here is no, you will not need to obtain a business license for your mailbox address.

A business license is required when you are "physically" doing business in that specific city.  A mailbox address, by definition, is not a physical address.  Therefore, it's not possible for you to physically do business out of a mailbox address.  For that reason, you would not need to obtain a business license.

If you are planning to obtain a business license, make sure that you obtain one from where you are physically doing business.  

Can I get a business license when the physical address is not in that city?  Is there an example?

Yes. This is because business licenses should be obtained when a company is looking to physically do business in that particular city. For example, if you are a gardener who has an office in San Diego, but you also mow lawns in the city of Los Angeles, then you would need to get business licenses in both cities due to the following reasons:

  • You have a physical office in San Diego, which implies that you are physical doing business in San Diego.  
  • You are physical performing services in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles would want a piece of your hard-earned money.

With a mailbox, you don't have a real person who's actually working and performing your business services for you in that city. This means you wouldn't need to obtain one for having listed your mailbox address for receiving mail. 

What if I actually do want to get a business license in that city?

If your goal is to actually obtain a business license within the city where you have a mailbox, you can do so.  However, you would still need to put a physical business address somewhere.  This can be your home address or your official office if you have one.  A mailbox address generally is not allowed.

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