[Delaware] Why are you not listed in the Delaware registered agent listing?

If you search for our name on the List of Delaware Registered Agents, you will not see us listed. This is because a commercial registered agent must satisfy a set of conditions in order to be listed there.  One of the requirements is that the agent must be a commercial registered agent for 1 consecutive year. While we have been in business for over 10 years now, our Delaware location was just opened in February, 2019. We obtained commercial registered agent status in August 2019.  Once the 1-year requirement is fulfilled in August 2020, we will be adding ourselves to the list.  

In the meantime, you can still utilize us as your registered agent. There is actually no official registry of all the registered agents in Delaware.  According to Delaware laws, any individual or business who have a physical office in Delaware and fulfills the requirements will be able to become a registered agent. This information is also disclosed on their web site, which we quote below:


This list of Registered Agents is provided solely as a convenience to our website users. The State of Delaware makes no representations or warrantees regarding the agents on this list. Registered Agents are not regulated by the State of Delaware. The legal requirements to be a Registered Agent in Delaware are to maintain a street address and office located in Delaware and be open during normal business hours for the purpose of accepting service of process according to 8 Del. C. § 132. Consumers are encouraged to exercise due diligence in researching the Registered Agent prior to selecting them for representation. It is incumbent upon the consumer to contact the Registered Agent prior to filing.

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