Can I use your address to sign up for credit cards?

Yes, you can utilize our mailbox address to sign up for new credit cards without issue. However, there are specific conditions to getting the application approved smoothly without any hassle.

When applying for new credit cards, card issuers will check the address against your credit report to determine whether that address matches. If it doesn't, then they will usually require additional proof.

To get the address to show up on the credit report, the easiest way is to update the mailing address for other existing credit cards to the mailbox address. After a couple billing cycles (or upon checking check the credit report), the address should be registered into the credit report. At that time, one should be able to apply for the credit card without much effort.

If there is an urgent need to get a new credit card, you can use your existing domestic address first to apply and then update the mailing address to your mailbox address afterwards.

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