OCR and Text Recognition

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is the extraction of text from within an image.  It allows one to obtain text without having to manually transcribe it.  The text can also be made searchable.

Do you OCR my mail contents?

OCR is included as a free feature on select plans.  When we process your mail scans, we will always upload a PDF version of the file to your account that you can access and download. When you download that file, the PDF files have OCR'ed text stored within the PDF. Please know that what you read and access directly from your mailbox account is not OCR'ed as it is simply a preview image of each individually scanned page.

Will OCR work for all types of mail?

In most cases, yes.  However, our OCR system does not work well with non-English alphabets, handwritten text (either in print or cursive), or super tiny fine prints.  For those instances, you will likely see that the image will not have the text extracted or the recognized text is incorrect.

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