Can I open a bank account with your virtual mailbox locations?

Bank Accounts for Business

A Non-US citizen can open a bank accounts for their business here in the US easily if you were to make a visit to the US and open the account in person while using our mailbox address. If you want to do it remotely, there are more stringent requirements to go through. 

While we are not experts in this field, you may find some of the resources and information below to  see what others have done to get a bank account in the US:

In most cases, you can take a look at Stripe Atlas program to get a company setup in the US along with a bank account. 

Again, the above is for opening business accounts. If you are attempting to create an account remotely (via phone / internet), then it is likely that you will need to provide more documentation.

We have heard from many of our clients are able to open up accounts with Silicon Valley Bank.  We recommend speaking to them if you have trouble opening up an account somewhere else. 

Personal Bank Accounts

If you're trying to open up a personal bank account, a social security number is normally not required for a foreigner if you were to open the account in person.  Also, with banks, as they abide by certain regulations, you would need a residential address to open a personal account (CMRA addresses like ours is normally not accepted). So you may need to initially borrow a close friend or family's address to open up an account first bu set the mailing address to your VPM mailbox address.  This way, all correspondences and statements would be mailed to your mailing address.

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