How to obtain a Walnut Business License while using VPM

If you have a Walnut location address with our service and you're looking to obtain a Walnut Business License, please follow the instructions below.


Go to to apply for a business license for the City of Walnut.  

In order to successfully obtain a license through the city, you need to enter your pre-mailbox address for your Business Address line on the business license application form.  We have confirmed with the City of Walnut's Planning Department that the business address cannot be your mailbox address or a PO Box address.  It should be your "principal place of business."  This address can be your residential or home address if you happen to run your business from home.

Under the Mailing Address, you can enter your VPM mailbox address. This is so the City of Walnut is able to categorize the license you are obtaining as a Mailbox Only License, and you're not operating business out of this location. 

If everything goes well, then you should receive a confirmation followed by a business license.

Previous Information (Not Longer Applicable)

9/12/2018 Update: Below is our previous information on how to deal with the situation.  This information is no longer applicable, but we are keeping it here for historical reference in case citing CA Business Code is needed.

Occasionally, you may receive a response from HDLGov (a third party service provider who handles the processing of Walnut City's business licenses) with the following:

" Thank you for your Business License Application for the City of Walnut. Additional information is needed to finish processing your application.

" Please complete only the items that are marked with an "X" below:

" __X___ The business address you have provided shows to be a mailbox, we cannot use a ups store, po box per State of California business & professions Code- Section 17538.5. If you have another valid physical business address we will then be able to move forward in updating the business address."

If you get the above reply, you can respond back by following the steps below:

  1. Either respond back to the email or send an email to [email protected]
  2. Enter your business name as the subject line along with the application number if you have one. 
  3. In the body of the email, you can copy the following text:

    According to California Business & Professions Code, Section 17538.5(b)(2), a business or individual can use a mailbox address if a Form 1583 is submitted and retained by the CMRA. Attached is my Form 1583 that was submitted to the CMRA.

    Please review and let me know if everything is fine. If you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of the form or require confirmation of my mailbox account, please contact my mailbox provider VirtualPostMail at [email protected] or 909-235-6245.
  4. Attach your notarized USPS Form 1583 to the email.  This step is the most important so make sure that this is completed.

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