Using VirtualPostMail as your NEVADA Registered Agent

If you own or are thinking of establishing a NEVADA-based corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or limited partnership (LP), then you can use VPM as your Registered Agent to receive and process legal mail for your business. This guide lists the steps to change your existing agent service to us.

Registered Agent Service Is FREE for Your Company

Registered agent service comes with every mailbox and is totally free of charge. Costs to scan or forward your mail are based on your current pricing plan — no extra monthly or annual fees!


You must fulfill these requirements in order to use VPM as your registered agent:

  • You must have a VirtualPostMail Mailbox account in good standing. Sign up for a mailbox if you don't have one with us.
  • You must have a Nevada VPM mailbox account in order to use us as your Nevada registered agent. 
  • Your VirtualPostMail Mailbox account must be in good standing.
  • The corporation, LLC, or LP must be registered with the State of Nevada as either a domestic or foreign business entity. Domestic means that Nevada is the state where your business was initially chartered. Foreign means that your existing business is registered to do business in a state or jurisdiction other than where it was originally incorporated.
  • You must add the business as a recipient to your mailbox account. The business name must match the one that is registered with the state.

Updating Your Registered Agent to VPM for Your Existing Entity

  1. If you have an existing company with another registered agent, you will need to download and complete the Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change with your entity's information. 
  2. Ensure that Section 3 "Appoints New Agent (complete section 5)" is checked.
  3. In Section 4, you will need to fill it out with your current registered agent's information. 
  4. Leave Section 5 blank.  We will complete this section for you.
  5. Sign the form.
  6. Send your completed copy to [email protected].  We will fill out the rest of the form for you, sign it and return it back to you.
  7. Submit the form to the Secretary of State with the appropriate fees, which are listed on the form.  As of 2022, it is $60.  Alternatively, you may request us to mail the form out.  We will bill you the filing fee plus a $40 service fee.  This fee will be deducted from your mailbox account.

Using VPM as Your Registered Agent for a NEW Entity

If you're using us to register for a new business entity, the procedure is a bit different.  Nevada Secretary of State will require you to name the registered agent upon registration and obtain a Certificate of Acceptance from the Registered Agent.  Here's the procedure to do it:

  1. On your Articles of Incorporation form Section 2, check the box "Commercial Registered Agent" and leave the text box blank. 
  2. If you haven't done so, add your business name to your mailbox as a recipient.  Do this by logging into your account and then going to My Account > Mailbox Settings.
  3. Email us at [email protected] to request a Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change for your business.  Please make sure to state the EXACT business name you will be registering.
  4. Upon verification, we will complete and send you back a signed Registered Agent Acceptance form and let you know our corporate name to use.  
  5. You can then upload or send this certificate along with all your other registration documents.

After Switching Your Registered Agent Service to VPM

Once you have formally switched to us, everything works similarly to how we process your regular mail.

  • When we receive formal legal mail, including any litigation notice, we scan it online for you to view and process.  It is usually available the same day we receive the document.
  • You can either ask us to forward the mail or open and scan it. For urgent matters, you may submit a special request to forward mail using Express Mail.

Keep Your Account in Good Standing

If your mailbox is suspended or canceled, we will no longer act as your registered agent and revoke our status as your registered agent.

Reminder: Obtain Our Corporate Name

Again, make sure to contact us in order to obtain our corporate name. Do not list "VirtualPostMail," which is a brand. The state will reject your form if you use the wrong name or a name that is not registered.

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