How to File a Claim for Shipments

What kind of shipments can qualify for Claims?

In order to file claims with couriers, the shipping method that you used must have a tracking number ( USPS Delivery Confirmation or a tracking number from UPS/FedEx) and one of the following things:

  • Insurance
  • Guarantee delivery service
  • Package being lost in transit
  • Damaged in transit

In instances where a shipment is lost but the tracking status indicates that it was properly delivered, we will not be able to file a claim for it.  Couriers will consider the item to be delivered and the service fulfilled.  In this instance, if you wish to file a complaint, you can speak directly to the courier. 

If you have a package that is not delivered on time, or it's taking longer than normal, please notify us.  If it is determined that the package was lost or damaged during transit, we will initiate a claim with USPS and other couriers for you. In order to file the claim, we need the following:

  • Tracking number: Please note that only shipments with USPS Delivery Confirmation or a tracking number from UPS/FedEx can be submitted for claims.
  • Shipment number: the shipment that the claim relates to.
  • Evidence of value: documents to show the item’s value or repair costs, such as sales receipts or invoices.

If your package is delivered damaged,  It is very important to retain all packaging materials and items. You may need to take the package to your local post office to verify damage.

According to the USPS website, if you receive an article from abroad that is damaged or has missing content, take it to any post office right away. Be sure to take the item(s), mailing container, wrapping, packaging, and any other contents to show proof of damage upon delivery.

The post office will verify the damage and have you complete a claim form. The package may have to be returned to its country of origin to complete this claim.

How long does it take to complete an investigation?

Depending on where the shipment was sent (domestic/ international), a claim process can take between 5 - 35 working days upon filing an inquiry. When we file a claim for you, we will always provide you with an estimated time to hear back from the courier as well as any case number we may start for you.  

We will submit the necessary documents for you, and if we do require any additional information prior to filing a claim, we'll reach out to you ahead of time.  As long as all the required documentation is provided, the claims process usually progresses smoothly. 

How is a claim paid?

Once we get the postage and/or insurance funds from the courier:

  1. The postage refund will be applied directly to your mailbox account as credits. Postage can only be issued as credits. We cannot issue this as a refund via check or to your card.  
  2. The insurance refund that you've won through the claim will either be applied as credits or you can choose to have a check issued to you. We will reach out to you regarding this when the claim has been paid to us.

What will happen if my claim is denied?

Should any issue arise and the claim is denied, we will hand the initial findings of the claim to you.  You can file an appeal for your shipment.  

You are welcome to write an appeal letter and mail it to the post office directly.  Alternatively, you can send the appeal letter to us and we will mail it out on your behalf.

What if I need you to file a complaint to the courier that do not fit the claim parameters mentioned above?

You are welcome to email us your inquiries for filing complaints with couriers. However, if the complaint does not relate to an accepted issue listed above, we will bill a service fee of $15 to act as an agent on your behalf to file those complaints for you. This fee will be billed to your mailbox account directly once we reach out to the courier and voice your complaints.

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