Do I have to submit Form 1583 again if I resume VPM services?

If your original mailbox number is available, we can reactivate your account without a new form. If your mailbox number is no longer available, you must set up a new account through our sign-up page.
When you do this, we require a new signed and notarized Form 1583 to be linked to the mailbox address. We can waive the notary requirement for the new mailbox if one of the following situations applies:
  • If you have a separate active account, then you only need to send us a signed Form 1583 for the new mailbox account. You should reference the active mailbox account tied to your notarized form so we can cross-reference.
  • If you had a mailbox account that was properly closed within the past six months, then you do not need to have Form 1583 notarized for the new mailbox account. You should reference the past mailbox account so we can cross-reference. Please note that if your previously submitted IDs have expired, we will require you to send us updated copies.
For mailboxes that have been closed for more than six months, we do require you to resubmit a new notarized form along with two IDs for the new mailbox.
You can generally obtain notary service from The UPS Store, FedEx offices, and local banks and courthouses. If you have a webcam, you can use an online notary service such as

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