Guide to Creating a Shipping Request (Old Website)

This article applies to the old website

As soon as you see a piece of mail in your inbox, or you have had your mail scanned and discover an important document, you can request that the item be physically forwarded to you.

Create a Shipping Request

  1. First move the item to Ship Post. Select the mail piece that you want, and then click on the right arrow button at the top center of the screen. Choose Move to Ship Post from the dropdown menu.
  2. Go to Ship Post by clicking on the package icon in the upper left navigation bar.
  3. In Ship Post, check off the mail you want to ship together in one shipment.  Then fill out the shipping instructions in the menu on the right.
  4. 4.Click on Update Prices to see the price. If everything looks good, click on Ship to create the shipment.

The mail in your Ship Post should disappear at this point.

We will then process your request and ship it out.

If you do not see your preferred courier at this time on the website, do not worry. Follow the instructions here to make a special handling request.

Canceling a Shipping Request

If you accidentally select the wrong mail piece or package, and you need to cancel your request, you can accomplish this with just a few clicks.

  1. First, go to the Pending Shipments section.
  2. Select the shipment you want to cancel by clicking on the package icon. Click on the gear wheel icon at the top center of the screen, and select Cancel Shipment from the drop down menu.

Items will be returned to the Ready to Ship folder.

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