How to Submit a Scanning Request (Old Website)

This article applies to the old website

You get email notifications whenever new mail comes in under your account. If you want to view the contents of your mail, submit a scanning request. Only then will we open your mail and scan it, with the exception of mail that bears Smart Address Tags "A" and "N". (Learn more about  Smart Address Tags).

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Log in and click on the inbox icon, located in the top left corner to see your mail.
  2. Click on the gear button in the top center of the screen and select Open Mail & Scan Pages from the dropdown menu.

How to View the Contents of Your Mail

Once we process your scanning request, you will get an email notification. Follow these steps to view your mail:

  1. Log back into your account and click on the envelope icon in the upper left navigation bar to access Mail Post. Then open the Scanned Mail  folder.
  2. You can then either double-click on the mail piece image to view the pages directly online OR download a PDF file. To download the PDF, click the mail piece image once to select it, and then click on the gear button and select Download Images as PDF from the dropdown menu.

If you have trouble accessing the site when following the above steps AND you are using Internet Explorer, please note that some versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with our site. If you have another browser available, such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, you should be able to access our site without issue.

How to Delete Unwanted Mail

To delete mail, simply select the mail piece, click on the no symbol, and select Trash Mail & Delete Images from the dropdown menu.

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